We have developed and innovated many of today's loyalty system tools, including cash top-ups, flexible travel coalitions and many others. Helix Global Solutions Inc. is a leader in loyalty and a solutions provider worldwide to many Fortune 500 companies. 


Helix Global Solutions’ executives launched the first and largest retail loyalty program - Club-Z.

Helix executives developed the first flexible travel program for the Royal Bank of Canada, a major Canadian Bank.


Helix executives provided loyalty and reward services to financial and non-financial institutions in the USA, Asia, UK and Europe.


Helix executives worked with Presidents’ Choice points program to develop and improve on  the concept of grocery rewards.


Helix expanded into providing full turnkey operations for loyalty, including consistent delivery of loyalty in all major markets, covering 21 markets around the world.


Helix initiated the Link program, allowing clients to pool points from a variety of programs into one program and redeem for millions of rewards.