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Your full-service provider of Loyalty and Incentive programs

Rewards and Fulfillment

Our extensive catalog  includes a wide range of leading brands from every country, as well as unique rewards from vintage wines to racing cars

We also offer a selection of gift cards, including many of the top retailers in fashion, home decor, entertainment, recreation, electronics, wellness, and more.

Concierge Services

We believe rewards should be memorable, for some this means unique experiences, from concerts and events to fine dining and travel, we can create meaningful reward experiences for members.

Our concierge services ensures every member gets the VIP treatment when booking their reward.  Our account management team ensures seamless program execution for members and clients.

Charitable Donations

Consumer increasingly want to incorporate social and environmental causes in the purchasing decisions.

Our turnkey platform helps charities raise money at zero cost to the charity. 

A portion of each gift card purchased will be directed to your charity, fundraiser or noble cause. It’s as easy as that.

what makes Helix different?

Vision and Innovation

We are the architects behind many of the innovative programs that are now industry staples.  Our team anticipates shifting trends in consumer markets and develops programs to meet emerging needs. We utilize data mining and predictive analytics to model member preferences and customize rewards.

Technology Incubator

As technology evolves, so does Helix.  Our technical team develops new ways to interact with members and integrate with our clients. We customize the member experience from exploring the possibilities to redeeming reward points. 

Social Impact

With climate change continuing unabated, local communities harmed by environmental destruction, and the 6th mass extinction ongoing, we felt we needed to act.  We have re-imagined how  a rewards program can address these issues.  Our answer was C2O – our luxury eco-travel collection. We connect members to unforgettable experiences, while also giving back to the planet by planting trees for each night of their stay.