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Your customers and employees should feel like kids in a candy store.

A true reward is not restricted by choice and fine print. Build your guests an attractive, dynamic, and cross-platform site to give them unlimited reward options, lightning speed fulfillment, and dynamic technology that serves the ever-evolving tech-savvy generation. Your guests will understand the meaning of loyalty when they sign up for a rewards program that gives them the power of choice.

We’ve moved beyond the catalog, the plastic gift card, the mail-in rebate. The experience is half the fun. Whether it’s merchandise, gift cards, cash, services, or miles, your guests will feel the added value not only in your reward fulfillment but in their experience.


Your program should be as unique and compelling as your brand.

Helix works with clients to create innovative new programs that resonate with your customers. 

Whether it is a gift card offering endless reward possibilities brand name merchandise, or memorable experiences, Helix provides a turnkey solutions.  

Seamless Fulfillment

With over 55,000 SKUs available and 3.5 million products shipped annually, our seamless fulfillment process allows us to ship from anywhere to anywhere.

Our inventory includes hundreds of the most sought-after brands managed and distributed directly by Helix. By taking care of our own distribution, there is no middle man, which means that our global purchasing power guarantees unbeatable pricing.


A loyal and satisfied customer recommends your business’ products or services to others, helping raise brand awareness and sales through word-of-mouth.

“Loyalty” is a measure of the degree of satisfaction customers feel towards your product or service. 

Inspiring that level of commitment to a brand is difficult. Encouraging meaningful customer engagement to the point of genuine brand advocacy requires building trust over time, and instilling your customers with the knowledge they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Customer Incentive and Rewards Programs are powerful tools for building consumer trust, and are proven to be fostering customer loyalty.

That’s where Helix Global Solutions comes in.

Curated Brand Rewards

Our access to the top brands in the world have an unlimited reach, here is an example of just some of the brands. We have hundreds of other top brands in our rewards portfolio and can tailor the selection to your needs.

Gift Cards from Leading Retailers

Top branded Merchandise

Personalized Experiences

Today’s customer doesn’t want to be treated like everyone else.  They want to be connected with a brand or company who shows real empathy, and an experience that feels customized and unique.

The Helix approach is to deliver relevant and tailored experiences or reward offerings that match your participants profile. Our recommendations are driven by automated technology designed to create a positive and personalized experience with your program.

Research indicates that personalization leads to Loyalty. Program members are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences with 90% indicating that they find personalization and relevant offerings appealing.

Rewards Catalog

Your audience will have access to a wide variety of products 

through their loyalty programs. We carry over 55,000 product SKU’s available worldwide.





Global Rewards for
Local customers

Customers want to be connected with a brand or company who shows real empathy, and an experience that feels customized and unique. Add value to your company by fostering loyalty to the brand using these fully customizable reward types:

• Cash Rewards
• Green Products
• Charity
• Gift Cards
• Event Tickets

• Travel Redemptions
• Experiential Rewards
• Digital Redemptions
• Special Requests
• So much more

14 office locations serving over 65 countries and growing.

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